Breeding Stock´╗┐

Fiber/ Yarns/Handcrafts

I hand shear every sheep in the spring, in the fall, or both. I use scissors and the sheep are sheared standing tied so they are calm during the whole process. I skirt heavily as I shear and only the best are selected to be sold to hand spinners. Yarns and a few hand knitted or woven items are offered occasionally.

Grass fed meats

Our sheep are raised on lush green grasses and legumes. They are rotated to a fresh paddock every 2-3 days during the growing season. Never fed grains. No hormones. No antibotics. No chemical dewormers.  It is a mild tasting meat that top chefs love.  Permaculturely raised.

We raise Purebred Icelandic sheep and also Icelandic/Shetland cross sheep. We breed for fleeces that meet hand spinners demands, heat tolerant, parasite tolerant, and meaty conformation.  Our sheep are raised on pasture and rotated every 2-3 days during the grass growing season.