Kansas Fiber Farm is a Permaculture farm.
 Raising sheep, ducks, and chickens ethically without the use of   chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides of any kind.

How we started


The fiber farm started as just a hobby with a few Shetland sheep and a few Colored Angora goats. Then I learned how to knit and then the Icelandic breed caught my eye. In 2010 we bought our starter flock of Icelandic sheep. That first breeding season the Shetland ram I had broke into one of my breeding pens of Icelandic ewes. The resulting lambs made me decide that the Icelandic/Shetland crossed had exceptional fleeces and that was something I wanted to explore a little more. So we raise a limited number of crosses. Our purebred Icelandic are bred to for soft fleeces, heat and parasite tolerant, and meaty conformation.

We practice rotational grazing and from there I decided to get my PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). We will be added additional elements to the farm using Permaculture ethics and practices. Including more ducks and chickens, honey bees, food forests, and more kitchen gardens.