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La Cygne, KS

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Grass Fed Meats

We raise Icelandic sheep and Icelandic/Shetland cross sheep for  their beautiful fleece and exceptional meat qualities. Our sheep are raised on lush pastures of a mix of cool and warm season grasses, cool and warm season legumes, and seasonal forbs. They are moved with electric netting every 1-3 days during the growing season. They are never feed any grains. But they are feed local grass hays during the dormant seasons when the pastures are not adequate enough to meet their nutritional needs. They are never given any hormones or antibiotics or chemical dewormers.


We usually take a group to the butcher in September. You can reserve yours at any time during the year. Supply is limited and demand is increasing for this wonderfully lean meat. Please fill free to contact us via e-mail: mgcaretakers@yahoo.com or by phone at 913-837-0570.